With great sadness we wish to inform you of the passing of Lubomir Tomaszewski; a great artist, sculptor, painter, and designer. He died on the 15th of November, 2018, in the United States.

The most effective among the pieces are those animals or birds that convey a state of tension or movement or brute strength, something that struggles against gravity to maintain its force.

„— The New York Times”

The artist often refers to his art form as "The Theater of Nature." One must see and be touched by Tomaszewski's work to understand fully the depth of this description... Tomaszewski's sculptures have become increasingly popular with modern-day art connoisseurs. His works can be found in many of the most discriminating private collections in this country and abroad.

„— Robert Marston”

Striking and dynamic as Tomaszewski's sculptures are, his 'fire paintings' done by scorching and even burning out great sheets of paper, are the scene stealers in this powerful solo show.

„— Art Speak Magazine”


Quite simply, I have seen no artist whose sculpture incorporates petrified wood so effectively and creates biomorphic forms balanced between abstraction and realism, with such imagery and artistic skill.

"— Henry Riseman, director New England Center for Contemporary Art" Tekst alternatywny