Wet bronze technique

Wet bronze – in this technique, the artist uses metals of different colors that are melted at approximately 1000 degrees Celsius, which he pours onto copper sheets. Sculptures created from this technique have different colors depending on the type of
material (metal) and how it behaves at high temperatures. The artist sometimes calls these "the 1000 degree watercolors" because the desired effect is similar to water-based techniques – colorful streaks poured on a uniform background. Entirely metal, open- work compositions allow for the presentation of human silhouettes, full of airiness, as if suspended in space. This technique produces a decorative effect and works to emphasize the subject or beautiful composition, i.e. scenes at the ballet, theater, or expresses very strong, emotional value, for example freedom, collective deeds, etc. This very expensive technique allows for the achievement of surprising effects from metal.